24 May 2016

Did someone say vegan pizza?

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Did someone say vegan pizza?
Annabel GibsonWritten ByAnnabel Gibson

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Stepping into a Zizzi restaurant, you may feel like you’ve seen it all before but take a minute and have a real look around. There’s something quite different about this pizza joint.

Gone are the days that vegans must shy away from the not-so-faithful high-street brands. Zizzi are paving the way, saying hell yeah why shouldn’t vegans enjoy a slice?!

Their mozzarella alternative mozzarisella (made from germinated whole rice) and their vegan-friendly coconut & mango swirl gelato opens up new doors for the 150,000 vegans living in the UK (according to The Vegan Society).

The dietary ease that Zizzi adopts on the restaurant floor translates seamlessly to their new online website and menu page that launched earlier this week.

Their advanced filtering system allows customers to flick between options like ‘Vegan’ ‘Non Gluten’ ‘Non Dairy’ and quickly navigate to the dishes that matter most to them.  With a rollover image for each menu item and a grid-style layout promoting seasonal specials, customers are never left guessing.

Over to the homepage and what might look like a design-led site with clever use of illustration, is actually a digitally informed homepage. Born out of a year’s worth of data, studying user flow and interaction from their previous site, the unique design succeeds in holding its own.

Key features of the homepage include the Quickbook console which drives bookings from the homepage and throughout the site and the restaurant finder that makes searching by town or postcode hassle-free using the searchable dropdown.

Every inch of the site is lovingly and digitally considered with a healthy focus on SEO through the addition of dedicated regional landing pages that improves ranking for location based search terms.

And so, we’ll finish as we started – with a coffee and a vegan desert and a promise we’ll meet up again soon. I’ve heard there’s a new Zizzi in Cardiff?

See for yourself: https://www.zizzi.co.uk/

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