20 March 2018

How to showcase an award-winning portfolio of over 1,400 wines… Berkmann Wine Cellars

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How to showcase an award-winning portfolio of over 1,400 wines… Berkmann Wine Cellars
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An online portfolio of some of the best wines in the world.

Berkmann Wine Cellars is the UK’s leading independent agent and wine wholesalers. With a portfolio of over 1,400 award winning wines, they needed a site with more gravitas to show off their authority and presence in the industry. We embarked on the redevelopment of the site to give them an enhanced digital presence.

Focusing on a premium image-led website with an elevated character, we made sure that each Winery partner is displayed in the most effective way, capturing the attention of their varied customer type. With their highly varied selection, we thought it was best to focus on each producer individually, highlighting the factors which makes them so reputable worldwide.

Marketing each producer independently reinforces the prestige of the company as inspirational wine partners and we put a spotlight on this with a carousel for exclusive producers, as well as an in-depth map feature showing the exact location of each winery, a detailed description and a list of all wines made by each producer.

And what did we create?

  • Curated site journey with a clear and enticing navigation to guide rather than confuse.
  • Consistent and flexible experience through our responsive and adaptive design and build of the  site which allows users to have a much richer online experience.
  • Map search functionality through an integration with Mapbox spotlighting each of Berkmann’s 131 producers across 5 continents.
  • High resolution imagery combined with iconography for a more digestible content experience.

Check out the new website here: www.berkmann.co.uk

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