06 January 2021

The definitive home of American made luxury

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The definitive home of American made luxury
Lauren PitmanWritten ByLauren Pitman

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The definitive home of American made luxury

An omni channel retail platform completely devoted to American made luxury

Amerifine is an omni channel retail platform completely devoted to American made luxury. A curated collection of the finest American brands, all made in the US.

We partnered with them , in collaboration with Construct London who delivered the brand proposition and creative, to bring you the definitive home of American made luxury. Featuring over 40 brands and hundreds of beautiful products, the site is powered by Shopify Plus

As Faye Mythen the founder described: 

‘ We want our purchases to be supporting the economy and to be supporting America. We want to start doing something proactive, people want to do something even if that’s supporting American goods, American luxury creations that are made on American soil, it’s something that is massive. We can put our dollars where our values are, and a lot of American shoppers are going to want to do the same.  ‘

With everything your heart could desire from fine jewellery and beauty products to grand pianos and apparel, the brand landing pages are filled with an unsurpassed collection of beautiful products.

Visit Amerifine today and sign up for the Morgan club membership scheme to access early exclusives and limited delights, available only to members.

Key deliverables from Propeller include: 

  • Continuation of design following initial creative work provided by Construct London. 
  • Development of bespoke multi brand eCommerce theme on Shopify Plus. 
  • Bespoke setup of loyalty and reward scheme on Loyalty Lion ‘The Morgan Club’ including custom tiering and educational page design. 
  • Klaviyo integration and logic construction for integrated intelligent email campaigns
  • Gorgias customer service integration with chat and form tracking. 
  • Sophisticated Product Pages featuring specific vendor/brand content to explain the luxurious benefits of each product. 
  • Pre ordering and exclusive product access for integrated postal campaign and Morgan Club members. 
  • Advanced brand led landing pages using custom content blocks.

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Lauren PitmanLauren Pitman